Golfshot Plus: Golf GPS App Reviews

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Great App

But since the last update we lost the fairway hits or misses on the scorecards!!!!

Nice work and room for improvementb

Nice work! Love the new look. However, still some bugs to fix such as: - FIR not displaying correctly in scorecard during score input. - not sure the awards are working properly... Do they activate only for new rounds entered from the last update? Some usability suggestions: - add possibility to edit scorecard directly from scorecard view -reduce/compact score input window, in order NOT to requiere scrolling sideways to input penalties... -add possibility to modify date of round without going to the lengthy process of : first inputing it, then modifying, then closing, then submitting Keep up the good work!


I liked it. Very complete. However I contacted several times the support to know how to upgrade to version 3.1 from v2.5 and never had an answer. If you cannot count on support, no software is really good. Beware.

Golfshot Plus

I really like the simplicity of using the tool and the efficiency of the use of battery power. It could be better if there was a selection for playing all 18 holes, playing only the front 9 or only the back 9 holes. There should also be a tool to show the real tee position and a way to correct a tee position that is an error in the program. This could be a very valuable feedback tool that, after verification, would improve the value of this tool for all players. In the final analysis, I loved this first experience and will continue to use it every time. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Nice work.

Working well now

I have been a user of Golfshot for a number of years and it has worked well on the iPhone. To avoid having to pull out the iPhone at each hole, I bought an Apple Watch and purchased the in-app Pro version. Initially the time it took for the distances to show up on the iPhone was long, too long. With an upgrade of Golfshot this improved, but there were a number of issues that took some patience with the support team to resolve them. Now, that these are fixed the app is working well and I am glad not to have given up meanwhile. Most recent update has much improved visibility of data on the Apple Watch. A further improvement of the time for data transfer between iPhone and Apple Watch, would however be highly desirable!

Way to loose a customer

I never write reviews so that can tell you how upset I am at loosing my $30 classic app. Have had the classic version for years then I received and email about a free upgrade to this piece of crap app. It was nice of them to put in the email that if you do not want to loose the classic version (which you can not get back) to turn off the auto update. That would be all well and good if the email wasnt a day too late and my iPhone already updated the app over night. Im definitely not going to be associating with a company that would do this. So long.

Are you joking?

Purchased this app and now paying for an upgrade? This is a such a joke.

Very Disappointed with the new update!

I bought the classic and now with the update I have to buy a subscription??? Not happy at all!


I want to know how you can pay for something and then they take it away. Apple should be embarrassed that they allow this as far as I am concerned they need to refund on previous purchases. Apple needs to step in here big time

I want my money back

How is it that youve already paid $30 for an app and now they completely took away the old app and make you pay for a subscription?! I want my money back. This is a complete bait and switch. Shame on you. Id give zero stars if I could

Hate the new update

Too busy with so many things displayed on the screen and no way to turn things off. Very slow too and buggy.

Look again

At first I was outraged that i would have to pay more money for the same service after the update and killing of golfshot classic app. Turns out when you click play golf, you have 3 choices. 1month, 3 months, and lifetime subscription. Well if you click lifetime you have access to all the fonctions without extra fees... Hope this helps

I Feel Cheated

I bought this app a few years back. Standing on the first tee this week I get an app message asking for more money. So you went Golf Now? So what? Your customer support is terrible, you dont take care of your customers. You have lost my support, and my friends. We have gone to a Competitor.


Give me the old version back.

A perfect example of how to mess up a perfectly great App

I would like to downgrade back to Golfshot Classic! Golfshot Plus is just a pretty face. I dont the the 3D look or the flyover capability or any of the new features youve added except maybe the Apple Watch integration. The features that made your old App a winner and are now gone are: 1. Ability to selectively zoom in and out on a GPS image to find distances. Now there are only 2 levels of zoom and the image is either too small or too big. I have no usable choice. 2. Longer battery life used to make this a better App than competition. Now, it drains the battery just as badly as others. 3. Ability to change tee boxes in the middle of a round. Its gone!

Terrible update!

They removed all functionality for an app I paid for unless I pay a subscription. Absolute garbage. Dont support these guys.

This is a shame

I had spent 30 bucks for a lifetime app. Now the app wants more money after the upgrade!! This is ridiculous. Apple should really look into such shady practices.

Bring classic back!

I understand that with the update any Golfshot Classic subscribers do not have to pay again. A free lifetime subscription is appreciated. However I would pay a large sum of money to get the Golfshot classic version back! This new update is awful.

Still like this app

I really dont know what all the fuss is about. I had purchased the lifetime app and I still have access to the all the courses. Maybe others do not have this option, which is a shame. I like the swipe left feature for the next hole and the apple watch companion app is somewhat helpful. It seems people dont like change, but I find this update fresh and progressive.

Complete Fail

The previous version was $30 and then they update and expect everyone to pay again. That is money grabbing at its worst. This just went from an app I recommend to friends to one I warn everyone to stay away from

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